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Book: Mobile apps
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Date: Monday, 5 December 2022, 8:40 AM

Panopto app (Lecture capture)

Panopto icon
If you want to view lecture capture content on a mobile device you can access using the Panopto app

If you need further information about Panopto on IOS click here.  If you would like information about the Android app click here.

myPortfolio app (Mahara)

Mahara icon
If you use MyPortfolio, Mahara Mobile is the Mahara app for Android and iOS that allows you to collect and create learning evidence offline and then upload it to MyPortfolio when you have an internet connection. 

For Android click here or for IOS click here.

Email app (Outlook)

Outlook icon
The Outlook app brings all your University email, calendar events and files together in one convenient place. 

For Android click here or for IOS click here