Topic outline

  • General

    study guide photoHow to succeed in your studies with Solent Online Learning

    Starting or returning to university education, especially after a break, can demand new skills. Add to that the challenges of learning online, and it could seem like a daunting task. 

    This Successful Study Guide will provide you with all the information, advice and support on academic skills you will need to succeed in your studies and make the most of your time at Southampton Solent University. 

    • Referencing

      Book and pen imageLearning to reference correctly is an essential part of academic work. It indicates how your own work fits into existing research, and how your ideas have been shaped by and developed from current knowledge. It requires organisation and attention to detail but it isn't difficult, and will prevent any issues around plagiarism and academic misconduct.

    • Academic Writing

      writing imageGood academic writing is about communicating your ideas effectively, and will have an impact on the marks you receive. This section will help you improve your abilities and learn how to write well. 

    • Research

      woman in library imageGood research will be essential to your success at university, but it's not enough simply to find information - you have to find the right information and then evaluate it to see if it is useful for your purposes and reliable.

    • Critical Thinking

      Thinking imageCritical thinking - the ability to question and evaluate ideas, statements and points of view - underpins all successful academic work. It is also a skill that employers are very keen to see in graduates. This tutorial introduces the concept of critical thinking and explains why it is so important.

    • Reflective Thinking and Writing

      Man thinking imageReflection - both thinking and writing reflectively - is an important part of university life and work. The ability to reflect on your experience and knowledge, and then use that to make improvements, is a key part of university-level thinking and work.

    • Building an Argument

      Building imageIf you are writing an academic paper, it is vital that you build an effective argument, drawing on evidence and coming to a well-reasoned conclusion. This section will help you get to grips with the fundamental skills of forming a well balanced argument.

    • Time Management

      Deadline imageTime management means knowing how to most effectively use the time you have available, and how to plan ahead to make sure everything gets done with the minimum amount of stress. This guide will help you ensure you are as organised as possible.

    • Presentations

      Woman giving presentation imagePresentations may be part of the assessment for your coursework and are often part of a job interview and throughout your working career. Find out what makes a excellent presentation.

    • Dissertations

      Book search imageThis book will guide you through the dissertation process, from the elements of a successful proposal to submitting your dissertation.

    • Designing questionnaires

      Checklist imageThis tutorial will help you to set about planning, designing and using your research questionnaire.