• Journals, Magazines and more..

    Journals provide collections of articles and magazines offer features and reviews.  They are both useful source of up-to-date information. Titles are available in print and/or electronic (online) format.

    Journal articles are written by and for experts in their chosen field.   The library stocks a number of print journals on floor 1B however most of the titles are available as electronic journals or e-journals.

                      Why use journals:
                      They provide useful information, research and discussions
                      Give different viewpoints from several authors
                      Information is current as journals are published quicker than books
                      Latest research on new or emerging subject areas Journals

    You can use the Databases tab to search across a number of journals at once or you can go direct to an individual title such as:


    Yachts and Yachting

    Yachting monthly


    Significant ships

    Practical boat owner

    International journal of small craft technology

    You can find more by searching the Library Catalogue

    Conference Proceedings are collections of papers that have been presented at a conference.  They are often up-to-date and cover specialist topics.  Some conference papers are available via the Library.

    HISWA International Symposium papers on Yacht Design and Yacht Construction.