• Better Googling

    Google Scholar can be great for finding articles, pre-published papers and more but do check the quality of the sources you've found.    

    This video will show how you can use the settings option to personalise your Google account to search Southampton Solent's library as well and import records directly into the reference manager RefWorks


    Searching Google - Getting the most out of it

    Searching Google to get the best results is not as straight-forward as you may believe.  There are some tips you can use to improve the results.

     Boolean ( AND, OR, NOT)

    AND Google assumes you are connecting your terms with AND (so both words must be present) this is common to most databases/eResources. 

    OR  if you use OR it must be in capitals (this is good practice for most databases).  Connecting with OR means that either word needs to present – useful for synonmyns.

    Word Order

     Google ranks the first word slightly higher than the second, the second slightly more than the third, etc.

    • Human development  returns different results to development human


    How to use it

    “ “

    Searches for phrases  “human development”  searches for that exact phrase



    Include word in search  eg  “human development” +lifespan



    Exclude word from search    “human development” –children



    Use to restrict to top level domain -  site:.ac.uk  to find UK education sites,  site:.nhs  for NHS sites or  :.gov.uk   for government sites.  (note the punctuation)



    Searches for a missing word in a phrase  - eg human * development   to find  human psychological development  for example



    Synonyms  - finds words that are similar  eg ~tobacco will find articles with cigarettes etc


    Range search  for numbers  -  use for prices?  Ipad 300…399



    Searches for multiple words in the text -   allintitle: psychological development stages



    Searches for a single word in the text or combine with “ “ to find phrase



    Searches for multiple words in the title  -   allintitle: psychological development stages



    Searches for single word in title –can use multiple times in the same search  -   intitle:psychological  intitle: development 



    Gives definitions of words  -  define:human development