• Entrepreneurship

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    Most books on the practicalities of business-start-up can be found on Floor 0C of the Library in the 658.11s.

    The theory of entrepreneurship can be found on Floor 1A in the 658.412

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    ProQuest Business is the major resource for enterprise and entrepreneurship  - this includes academic literature, articles from newspapers, business magazines and trade journals.  It also includes sample business plans, ebooks, market research reports and video clips.  Focus your search to Trade Journals (on the left hand side) for information about practical real-world business.

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    For more help, see the ProQuest Business tab and the ProQuest Entrepreneurship LibGuide


    The Complete Business Reference Adviser - all the information you need to run or start up a business... law, employment, marketing, health and safety, marketing etc.

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    Useful Websites

    Business and self-employed
    The government's online resource for you and your business.

    British Library Business and IP Centre
    British Library help for small and start-up business.

    Great Business
    Support to start, grow and accelerate your business from the government.

    Start up Britain
    A national campaign by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs.

    Doing Business Guides
    Links to guides on doing business with a range of different countries

    Where can I find information on...?

    Idea generating
    • COBRA contains guides to starting over 400 different kinds of business such as being a Fashion Accessories Retailer, Photographer, DJ, Comedy Writer  and Chocolatier.

    Writing a business plan
    • COBRA's Business Information Factsheets include a Guide to Writing a Business Plan. 
    • ProQuest Business also includes sample business plans.

    Competitor information
    • FAME can help you identify a company’s main competitors.
    • ProQuest Business is a quick way to find news and journal articles on your competitors.

    Customer needs
    • WARC can help you explore trends in consumer behaviour.

    Mailing Lists
    • FAME can be used to create lists of companies in a particular industry, geographical area or with a certain number of employees or turnover. 

    Market demographics
    • TGI has consumer survey data based on an annual survey of 25,000 adults in the UK (to view the login details, you must login to Solent Online Learning and enrol on the passwords page).

    Market research
    • Mintel is an excellent source for researching market share, trends, buyer behaviour and more. 

    Financial data
    • FAME has financial information on UK companies
    • OSIRIS  has financial information on international companies
    • Look out for annual reports available on most public companies websites.

    Funding sources
    • COBRA has regularly updated factsheets on sources of funding for start-up businesses such as the Guide to Applying for Grants for Smaller Firms and  A Summary of Sources of Finance for Starting a Business.

    • COBRA has guides to Intellectual Property Rights and How to Apply for a Patent.

    Advertising Rates
    • BRAD (British rates and data) can be used to find advertising rates and circulation data.
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