• Company Information

    There is so much company information out there!  Here are a few key places to start:

    For websites which help with international and overseas trade, see our Marketing Subject Guide.


    • Check the Library Catalogue for books on larger companies 
    • Use the International directory of company histories on Floor 1A - includes summaries of company developments and significant events

    Annual Reports

    These tell you about a company in their own words and also give you financial information.

    Most annual reports are online via the company's website - look for links to Corporate information, Investor relations or similar.

    If you need older annual reports or more information try:

    • FAME provides 10 years detailed financial information (including share prices) on UK and Irish companies.  You can also compare data for different companies and industries. ON AND OFF CAMPUS: use your University email address and password to login.

    • Companies House Beta Search - publicly available company information (this government department controls the incorporation and dissolution of all UK limited companies).

    • OSIRIS - financial information for 80,000 worldwide companies including major international companies based in the UK
      ON AND OFF CAMPUS: use your University email address and password to login.

    • SEC filings and forms EDGAR - inside information about US public companies, including company profiles and press releases plus the filings made to the Securities Exchange Commission giving financial data and management reports.

    • London Stock Exchange - share prices, statistics and FTSE indices.

    Facts and figures for smaller companies can be harder to locate:

    • Limited (Ltd) companies, unlike PLCs, are not required to make their reports publicly available.
    • The company may be a subsidiary, in which case any information is likely to be subsumed within the report of its parent company. FAME includes summary data for subsidiaries and dissolved companies.


      • ProQuest Business - find articles, market research and newspapers on a company by limiting your search using the options provided. 
        OFF CAMPUS: use your University email address and password to login.

      • Financial Times (FT.com) - register with your University email address to access the most recent news on a particular company. To view the registration page, you must login to Solent Online Learning and enrol on the passwords page.

      • For older newspapers and reports use our newspaper archives from Gale Newsvault  (includes the Financial Times Historical Archive and The Times Digital Archive).  OFF CAMPUS: use your University email address and password to login.

      Market Research and more...

      • Depending on your company, Statista (statistics) and Mintel (market research and industry information) may be useful.  

      • Additional company and industry overviews are available in WARC (includes Euromonitor profiles) and Retail Week (please check the access details!)