• Evaluation

     Finding information for your assignments is just the first step.  You now need to evaluate it.  This checklist may help:

    • Check the abstract (if there is one) to see if the article is useful to you.  The abstract will save you reading the whole thing and rejecting it
    • How old is the article?   Older than you?  Your Mother? Your Grandmother?  That may not be an issue if the piece of research is a classic you would be expected to read
    • How reliable is the source?  A peer reviewed article?  An article in a well regarded professional journal?  An unknown website as opposed to a government, university, professional body site?  
    • Bias - does the resource have an angle?  Is it trying to sell you something?  Are they an organisation with an established view point on an issue?
    • Remember that when searching Google the best results are not always those that display first - look through the pages.    Look at the tab "Better Googling for tips on searching effectively.

    Watch this video on evaluating results  or watch this video for the CRAP test in song!