• Alcohol and Drugs

    There are lots of resources in this area but do be aware that many provide 'alternative' views - make sure you evaluate any of the resources you use for their academic content, authority and reliability.

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    Finding Articles

    Newspapers provide up-to-date information on drug and alcohol-related problems and polices. Try searching European Newsstream to find fulltext articles from a range of UK papers.

    To locate journal articles, search SAGE Criminology and other eResources.

    Specific journals in this area include:

    • Druglink (free magazine from the DrugScope organisation which has now ceased).

    Useful websites and statistics

    • DrugWise - new reports and sector advice as well as previous documents from the DrugScope organisation

    • Current and past government policies and consultations on Alcohol and Drugs. These pages include the 2012 alcohol strategy, alcohol licensing and drug laws and the new Drugs Strategy July 2017.

      • Additional information is available from the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs on the 2010 Drugs Strategy

    Websites by topic

    Drugs and Drug Policies in the UK

    DrugScope was one of the UK's leading centres of expertise on drugs. It produced many reports on UK drug policy. Unfortunately, due to funding issues, it ceased in March 2015 but there is a new site called DrugWise now available. The DS Dailycurrent awareness service is also still active so sign up for recent updates.

    The UKDPC was an independent body which analysed UK drug policy between 2007 and 2012. Their final report is also available: A Fresh Approach to Drugs: the final report of the UK Drug Policy Commission

    The UK Focal Point on Drugs provides information to the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA) regarding the drug situation in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. It includes their annual and EMCDDA's reports.

    a web portal for professionals in this sector.

    Latest news and background stories on drugs and alcohol from the Guardian newspaper.

    This site provides information on drug use in Scotland, but also contains information which is of general internet. This content was previously hosted on the now The Drug Misuse Information Scotland website.

    The NTA is a Special Health Authority, established by the Government in 2001 to increase the availability, capacity and effectiveness of drug treatment in England.

    The alliance is made up of drug addiction treatment professionals, drugs workers, drugs researchers, drug user self-help organizations and other parties interested in a public health approach to drugs policy.

    This is the website of the TDPF who aim to minimise drug-related harm to individuals by introducing a fair and effective system for regulating and controlling drugs at a national and international level.

    Alcohol in the UK

    The aim of the Institute is to increase knowledge of alcohol and the social and health consequences of its misuse. Their website includes the text of their news releases, the magazine Alcohol Alert, factsheets etc. as well as information about the Institute and extensive links to related sites around the world. Also contains government papers and reports, including the National Alcohol Harm Reduction Strategy.

    News blog from Ranzetta Consulting, public health specialists for alcohol, linking to online publications from Government, pressure groups, researchers and so on.

    Alcohol Concern is the national voluntary agency on alcohol misuse. The web site includes information about their work and an Information Service offering online factsheets e.g. Alcopops and a searchable database of journal articles etc on alcohol related issues.

    Aims to promote the sensible use of alcohol and looks at social responsibility issues.

    Represents the UK beer and pub sector - useful information is available under Reference.

    From the parliament website.

    a web portal for professionals in this sector.


    The EMCDDA website contains reports, news, publications and other useful information on the state of the drugs problem in the European Union.

    The ELDD contains searchable European drugs-related legislation. It covers the 27 Member states and Norway, and includes legal texts, country profiles and reports.

    Dutch Trimbos Institute website - contains information and statistics on alcohol and drugs in the Netherlands and worldwide.

    United States

    The White House Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP), a component of the Executive Office of the President, purpose is to establish policies, priorities, and objectives for the Nation's drug control program. The goals of the program are to reduce illicit drug use, manufacturing, and trafficking, drug-related crime and violence, and drug-related health consequences. Its site includes news, publications, information and links concerned with America's 'War on drugs'.

    The Drug Policy Alliance (formerly The Lindesmith Center) is a drug policy institute based in the US which aims to broaden and better inform the public debate on drug policy and related issues. The guiding principle of the center is harm reduction, an alternative approach to drug policy and treatment that focuses on minimizing the adverse effects of both drug use and drug prohibition. Their online library includes hundreds of full text documents on drugs and drug policy.

    US organisation for reform of America's 'War on Drugs', includes a large library of texts on drug policy, 'The Drugs Library', found under Resources.

    The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) is part of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the principal biomedical and behavioral research agency of the U.S. Government.

    The World

    Online documents and data including Global Illicit Drug Trends and World Drug Report; reports on human trafficking, terrorism, corruption, organized crime and more.

    Created by Release and the New Economics Foundation thinktank, this site looks at drug policies in the UK, Mexico, Netherlands and Russia - you are required to select your point of view and then the key issues are explained.