• Solent Learning, Teaching & Research Conference June 2023

    Solent Learning, Teaching & Research Conference 2023

    Participants of the Level Leader programme are encouraged to submit a proposal for a poster presentation (exhibition) at Solent's Learning, Teaching & Research Conference 2023. The conference takes place on 14th June 2023. It is scheduled as an all-day event and will comprise a poster presentation exhibition, training workshops, guest speakers and full presentations. Academics and professional service staff from all departments and areas are welcome to submit their proposals. More information to follow. 

    The poster allows you to showcase your role, responsibilities and achievements as a Level Leader. It may focus on:

    • Specific projects or initiatives you have led on to enhance the student experience for students in your level, esp. in collaboration with students, 
    • A presentation of the Level Leader role and its responsibilities and its impact on students at Solent University, 
    • How the Level Leader roles differs from but also complements the Course Leader role, and
    • Your vision for the future of Level Leaders at Solent University. 
    Other ideas are welcome but should focus primarily on the impact of the Level Leader role. Information will soon be made available, including a short form to register your interest.