• Newspapers

    Newspapers are excellent sources of information on current events and developments in politics, the economy, technology, culture and society, both in the UK and abroad:

    • UK Broadsheets are the ‘quality’ papers offering in-depth reporting of current issues of public concern (e.g. The Daily Telegraph, The Financial Times, The Guardian, The Independent and The Times.
    • UK Tabloids are the ‘popular’ papers such as The Daily Mail, Daily Express, The Mirror and The Sun.

    Use our electronic resources to find a wide range of current and historical newspaper articles:

    • European Newsstream (part of ProQuest Business) is a major source that allows you to compare tabloids and broadsheets as well as some local papers and international papers
    • Under the Other eResources tab try Gale Newsvault (for historical newspapers) and LexisLibrary (for papers from 1982).

    To check if we have a newspaper available electronically, for which dates and from which provider, look for the
    Title on the Library Catalogue

    Other options

    • Financial Times (FT.com) - Library subscription to this comprehensive paper - get email alerts and use the mobile app.  
      REGISTER ON and OFF CAMPUS with your University email address (you must login to Solent Online Learning and enrol on the passwords page to view this link).

    • The Guardian – provides free access to almost all of their online content, with only some premium material reserved for subscribers

    • The Daily Telegraph – much of their news content is freely available

    Printed Newspapers

    Sometimes you might need to check a printed copy of a newspaper for a particular project.  The Library keeps a collection of UK broadsheet and tabloid newspapers as examples as well as papers covering significant events.  These are in a special collection and access is by request form from the desk in the Library foyer.

    Local Newspapers

    The Southern Daily Echo is the local paper at www.dailyecho.co.uk and includes a searchable archive of selected articles back to 1999.

    The University of Southampton has some local papers, but the best source for local newspaper research is Southampton City Library.  This has microfilm collections of a variety of local news sources, including a full back file of the Echo.

    International Newspapers

    Many international papers are freely available online.  Use onlinenewspapers.com to find the website of a particular newspaper.  You could also try the Big Project for international news in English.

    More Historical Newspapers

    If you need resources that are not covered by our Library subscriptions, try the British Library newspapers collections - both electronic and in print.  This collection includes Memorable Front Pages from 1906-2006