• Case Studies


    What are case studies?

    Some case studies are specially written for use in business education. These are often produced by academic institutions or professional bodies. Case studies may be based on real companies, organisations and events or they can be fictional. As these are designed to be used as teaching or exam material they may only be available to academic staff.

    The phrase is also used to refer to any short description of a company or other organisation, focusing on a particular issue. This type of case study can be found in books, to illustrate points made in the text, or in journal articles.  

    The phrase 'case studies' marketing can be used in the Library Catalogue to find such material.

    Which eResources have case studies?

    WARC and ProQuest Business

    • On WARC, go into the Case Finder and search by sector, company or with keywords

    • ProQuest can be searched using the phrase "case studies" and any other search term to find case study articles on any subject.  You can also limit your results to Case Study using the Document Type filter on the left.

    Useful websites

      Business Case Studies by Company and also by Topic

      Case studies from the Times 100 Business Case Studies illustrating different aspects of business and marketing. Please note that not all case studies are freely available.  Some are duplicated in our Business case studies : the complete collection ebook. 

      Specific marketing case studies. 

      Case Centre - free cases
      Case studies from a number of organisations, covering a range of subjects. 

      Business in the Community 
      Case studies of best practice in responsible business. BITC are a business-led charity focused on promoting responsible business practice. 

      Arts and Business 
      Arts and Business case studies focus on private and public sector partnerships with the arts. Their mission is to encourage and promote stronger partnerships between business and the arts.