• Market Research Reports

    What is a market research report?

    Market research reports analyse particular products or industry sectors looking at market trends, major companies within the sector, market share and socio-economic factors. They may also include forecasts. 

    Some reports look at broader issues such as the buying behaviour of particular demographic groups or the effect of technological change or economic factors on consumer behaviour.

    You can find market research reports in ProQuest Business and in other eResources.  These include:

    • Mintel - market research reports on UK consumer goods, fashion, finance, leisure, media, retail, travel and tourism
    • TGI SalesTAB - lots of market research reports quote TGI (Target Group Index) data, which is gathered through consumer surveys. TGI gives you the actual data.
    • COBRA - this eResource includes UK market synopses, which are brief market research reports, on a wide range of sectors. It is aimed particularly at small or start-up businesses.

    International markets 

    Most of the market research the Library subscribes to concentrates on UK markets. 

    • Mintel includes Global Market Navigator reports which are brief reports on particular products in particular countries (e.g. Health Clubs in Brazil)
    • ProQuest Business includes the Business Monitor International industry reports, SnapShots industry reports and more - access these from a normal search and then restrict to Reports, or click on the Business Premium collection and Browse...

    Market research online

    Most market research report publishers have websites where they advertise their publications for sale. The full content is not usually available unless you are willing to buy it, and they are often very expensive. 

    It’s usually not possible to get market research reports via inter-library loan. 

    The library pays for access to the market research reports described above which is why you will need to use your university email address and password (or an alternative password for TGI) to access content.

    Consumer research organisations such as YouGov and Ipsos MORI have a limited amount of free information from their consumer surveys..

    Additional resources

    When thinking about market research, consider looking for books and journals via the Library Catalogue on marketing and market research, writing a questionnaire, conducting primary research and more...