• FAQs - Quick Answers

    If the FAQs don't answer your question, please contact me or the library CHAT 

    The library doesn't have the article I need- can you help?

    If we don't have an article we will know a library that does!  If you are a Level 5, Level 6, postgraduate student or member of staff, you can request an inter-library loan.  Level 4 students need to contact me first.   Books can also be requested.   Follow the link to the form.  

    I can't access articles from home/work and I know the library has them.

    If you have found the article on Google Scholar or Google try copying and pasting the title into the Articles tab on the library catalogue and following the instructions for off-campus access.  This will normally work.  If it doesn't work look for the journal title in the catalogue and search for the article that way.  It is possible we have access to the journal, but your article may fall outside our subscription (too early or too late).   If the article is old you may wish to consider if this useful for your research  - is it older than you are or is it a classic piece of research that you would be expected to read? 

    I can't find anything on my topic

    Finding information isn't always easy and can be frustrating.   Have a look at the video on finding and using 

    keywords -  words that describe your topic in as many different ways as possible and try searching on those.  Use the specialist databases such as SPORTDiscus and search those - they will give better results than Google.    If you are still struggling, come and see me.  

    Can you check my references for me?

    I'm sorry but I cannot check your references as this forms part of your assessment.  What I can do is provide advice  and guidance on how to reference  and respond to specific queries.  There is lots of advice and guidance on the library portal - see this link.  You might also want to investigate using a tool such as RefWorks to manage your references for you.  Again contact me for additional help 

    Can you proof read my essay?

    I'm sorry, but I'm not allowed to proof read work.  You might want to get a trusted colleague, partner or parent to do it for you.