• DigiBuds Role

    Solent DigiBuds – Digital Mentors 


    As a DigiBud, you will have the opportunity to support and develop the digital skills/literacies in both students and staff in a number of ways. This role will enhance your employability by developing academic, digital and information skills and awareness of your digital strengths.  


    What you will bring 

    • Strong communication and digital skills 

    • Confidence and commitment to support others 

    • Good organisation and planning skills 

    • Interest in working alone and collaboratively with others 

    • Problem-solving skills 

    • Flexibility and approachability 

    What you will gain/develop 

    • Leadership, management and mentoring experience to enhance your CV 

    • Record keeping and reflection on the mentoring process to build your employability capability 

    • Professional communication skills 

    • Develop your own digital capabilities 

    • Improve confidence and presentation skills 

    • Negotiation skills 


    What you will be doing 

    The role requires of you to meet the below 5 characteristics which will enable you to fulfil your DigiBud role. By achieving each characteristic, you will earn an online badge. After obtaining all 5 badges, you will be awarded a gold badge and a tablet as recognition of your achievements as a DigiBud. All badges can be added to your LinkedIn account and your CV. The following criteria will highlight what you will need to do to be awarded the badges. You will need to show evidence of completion of the criteria by reflecting on the support you offer using the blogging/ forum tool on Solent Online Learning (SOL). 


    Supporter  DigiBuds require to spend 1 hour a week at a desk at the entrance of the library to provide face-to-face support to students and staff. After the completion of 5 hours at the desk, 1 face-to-face or 1 online enquiry, you will be awarded the badge. 

    Creator  Create and share an introductory video and/or a piece on DigiBuds SOL page. In addition, you need to write regular updates and posts of interests on either SOL and/or Facebook pages. When you reach 5 updates and/or posts, you will be awarded the badge. 

    Developer  After the completion of 2 Lynda.com courses with their certificates, and provide feedback about the courses on SOL/Facebook, you will be awarded the badge. It is not necessary the courses to be related to your course. Examples of Lynda.com courses: managing your time, negotiating skills and so on. 

    Promoter – In order to be awarded this badge, you need to do: 1 ‘Pop-up DigiBuds’ (staffing a table for 1 hour at another location to the library around campus, for example The Spark, Andrews, Matthews and so on), 1 5 minutes promotional presentation at the end of one of your lectures or, if this is not possible, a promotion event of some kind (for example roving in the library and providing support to the students.)

    Collaborator – For this badge, you need to work with one of your tutors on a student faced project. However, if there is no project available then you need to do a 15 mins presentation to be uploaded to SOL about your role/experience as DigiBuds, and/or  to organise, as a team, a drop-in ‘Digital Café’ / ‘Bring your own device’ session open to staff and students. You will also need to shadow for 1 hour the Learning Technologies helpdesk to gain more knowledge on the type of digital enquires received. 

    Super DigiBud Clarification: If you are doing a project with a tutor, you will be awarded the badge at the start of the project, and you will be able to drop 2 badges of your choosing. However, if you do not finish the project, you will not be able to get the gold badge. You will need to pick up the ones that you drop in order to be awarded the gold badge. 


    General information 

    The role is term time only, and ideally you should be available for this role for at least a year. Training and support for your role will be provided throughout and you are expected to actively participate.