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    Toby is a 2nd year studying Business Marketing. He is proficient in Microsoft Office package and has a natural ability as a troubleshooter. 

    Hi, everyone who has found themselves on this page, either looking for help or just browsing the portal, you've come to a good place! As said above, I'm a second-year Business Management student with a good amount of knowledge on Microsoft products such as word, excel, access and powerpoint. If you have anything with issues ranging from simple ones such as your picture not moving correctly or something complicated in access, I might know the answer and will do my best to help you out with any problems you may have whilst I'm in the library as a DigiBud.

    I'll post a few articles over the next few weeks with things that I find really helpful throughout my studies that I believe can really enhance yours too.

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                                                       Toby receiving his tablet in reward for earning Super Digibud status. 


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