• Academics Role

    What can DigiBuds do for you? 

    • Provide your students with extra help and support with digital literacy.
    •  In class training and support for software being used within your course.
    •  Answer some of the queries you may get regarding digital literacy/using software packages 

    Read the full role of the DigiBud here 

    What can you do for the DigiBuds?

    • Provide a session that allows a Digibud to deliver a 5 minute presentation to your students, within your class/lecture ( on a subject agreed by you both)
    • Identify a project that a DigiBud can work with you on to assist fellow classmates (e.g.delivering training on software such as SPSS, Word, Excel (according to digital strengths) 
    • Provide feedback and or a testimonial to the library on how the scheme is working for you
    • Identify any other students who may benefit from becoming a DigiBud