• Feuren

    Feuren is a first year studying Business Management. Feuren is very proficient in the Microsoft package and has experience in training/assisting others.

    Hi all.

    As it says above, I know my way around all Microsoft packages. I have just completed my Database in Access for Data Analytics, so this is still very fresh in my mind. If you are looking for some direction in Access, please do not hesitate to ask.

    Some time ago, I was a Data Support Analyst for Carnival UK. This entailed me to use Excel on a daily basis and therefore became proficient in the application. Ff you are looking for help on formulas or manipulating your tables I would be more then happy to help. 

    I love teaching and sharing my knowledge with those who are willing to learn and listen. And if I am unable to help for some reason, I'll show you either how to find out for yourself or I will point you to one of my DigiBud peers.

    I will be posting from time to time on my blog with helpful tips on how to use certain applications on the hopes that this might someday help you with your studies.

    Through the DigiBuds scheme, Feuren is now working on a project with one of her lectures supporting students with their digital skills.

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