• Get references out of Cite Thi

    We strongly advise that you move your references out of CTFM and transfer them to RefWorks as soon as possible!

    CTFM will only be available until July 2017. After this date, all references will be lost if they are not migrated beforehand.

    RefWorks is very comprehensive and contains our Harvard SSU institutional style (as well as APA and OSCOLA). 
    It has many similar features to RefME including a webclipper (called Save to RefWorks) and a Word app. 
    It does not have a mobile app, barcode scanner or photo quotes software.

    Full help and advice on using RefWorks, including video guides, is available via our RefWorks Subject Guide.  

    How to migrate your references

    These instructions are general.  You may find further errors with your references depending on how these have been transferred by CTFM.  

    You will need to edit your references to ensure they are correct in RefWorks.  Some reference details may be lost or not migrated correctly.

    1) Export your references from Cite This For Me

    1. Login into your Cite This For Me account
    2. Select the bibliography you wish to transfer under 'My Bibliographies'
    3. Under 'More', highlight the 'Export' option and then select 'Export as BibTeX'
    4. A .bib file will download.  You will not be able to open this file as it is designed for importing into a referencing tool
    5. In Chrome, use the arrow to select 'Show in Folder' and then save the file to an appropriate location.  If you are using an alternative browser, follow the appropriate steps to save your file.

    RefWorks import

        Watch our video on the export process!

    2) Import your .bib file into RefWorks

    1. Login to RefWorks
    2. Create a folder using the + Add a folder option and give the folder a name 
    3. Click on the + option in the toolbar at the top and choose 'Import References'
    4. Drag your .bib file into the area indicated (be careful with your placement - ensure that the file says Move and not Copy and the import bar is highlighted in blue) or use "select a file from your computer" and navigate to your saved .bib file
    5. A pop up box will then ask 'What is the format of this file?' Type in bibtex and then select BibTeX from the options given
    6. You will then be asked 'This file will be imported as:' click into the box and select 'bibdesk (bibTec format)
    7. Click the 'Import' button and once the import is complete click the 'ok' button
    8. Select the most recently imported references (either individually or using the grey time stamp bar) and move them to the folder you have created (either by dragging and dropping them into it or by selecting the folder using the folder icon in the top menu bar)
    9. Check your references are correct, edit any mistakes and add in missing sections:

      For websites:  you will need to change the reference type from generic to webpage and add in retrieved dates.  
      For books: you will need to add in the place of publication.  You will also need to remove any 1st ed entries.
      For multiple authors: you may need to split these into different author fields using the correct RefWorks format of Last Name, First Name;

    10. To assist with the accuracy of your references in RefWorks, when you edit a reference, click on the blue lightning flash and see if RefWorks can find a correct match for it.

    RefWorks import

    Watch our video on the import process!

    Your information librarian can advise on the use of RefWorks or you can come along to one of our referencing drop-in sessions.

    If you have further problems with your migrated references, please contact your information librarian.

    There are many other free referencing tools that you can use such as Mendeley, Zotero and more.  Please be aware that only RefWorks features our approved institutional style, Harvard SSU.  If you use an alternative system you will need to EDIT YOUR REFERENCES to match our referencing factsheet before submitting your assignment.

    **WARNING: from July, any references in Cite This For Me which have not been migrated will be lost**