• Hospitality/Tourism Complete

    Hospitality and Tourism Complete 

    • Includes scholarly research (journal articles) and industry news relating to all areas of hospitality and tourism.
    • Covers topics such as demographics and statistics, hotel management, food service and beverage management, travel and tourism, event management, gaming, international cuisine, law, market trends and more.


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    Why can't I access the full text of an article?

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    I can't access the full text of an article

    • Some results will just provide a Citation/Abstract (a short summary rather than the full article):

      • Use this to decide if the full text is worth reading. 
      • If there is no Full Text link, use the IS IT @ SSU icon to see if it is available anywhere else. 
      • If it is not and you really need it for your assignment, get a free inter-library loan (make sure you also check Google and Google Scholar for free copies before applying!)

    • Alternatively, restrict your search to Linked Full Text using the options provided.