An ORCID iD (Open Researcher and Contributor ID) is a unique identifier which can be used by researchers, authors and other contributors across the whole of the research landscape to make sure all of your research is correctly attributed to you.

    Most personal names are not unique, there can be cultural differences in name order, they can change with marriage and often there are inconsistencies in the use of first-name abbreviations when publishing, all of which can make it difficult to identify the output of a particular researcher.  A persistent identifier such as ORCID ID improves discoverability and allows for you to be easily linked to all of your research output. It is linked to you personally, and not to any particular organisation at which you work, so it stays with you throughout your career. It also allows for far easier compatibility between research information systems, making it simpler to transfer records from one to another and speeding up grant applications. 

    Setting yourself up with an ORCID iD is a very simple process and only takes as little as 30 seconds to complete, register here;https://orcid.org/register.