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    When you wish to share with your students a simple file (for example, PowerPoint, Word document, Excel, etc.), you can use the 'File' resource type. It allows you to upload and display a variety of resources on SOL.  There are two ways to add files; drag and drop files onto your unit (with editing turned on) or adding a file through 'Add an activity or resource'.

    See docs.moodle.org - Files for more information >>


    You may want to use a folder to provide a collection of files and documents for your students. Using a folder to display resources is neater than displaying files one by one in a list. It takes up less space on the course/unit page. The resources may be of different types and they may be uploaded in one go, as a zipped folder which is then unzipped, or you may add them one at a time to an empty folder on the page. It is also possible to drag and drop multiple files directly into this folder, which is quick and easy. 

    See docs.moodle.org - Folders for more information >>


    Images can be used in your content to illuminate, highlight, contextualise or to raise topics and questions, as well as decoration. Adding images to a content area is easy. Use the text editor which appears in many of the different tools on SOL (the book, the label, etc.), anywhere where the text editor is present.

    Note: You should only use content that you have the rights to use. If you are unclear on what this includes, go to Copyright matters, Images and logos on the Portal.

    See docs.moodle.org - Images for more information >>

    Page (web) 

    The Page tool allows you to create a (web) page of content using the SOL Text Editor which is easily linked from the front page of your unit. This can include text, images, video, audio, links, and any other content that the text editor allows.  This is similar to adding a Word or PDF document for your students, but allows you to create and edit the content within SOL quickly.

    Sedocs.moodle.org - Page for more information >>

    Private files

    Each tutor has a private files area for uploading and managing a set of files; add the Private Files block to a unit page to access your files.

    See docs.moodle.org - Private files for more information >>
    See docs.moodle.org - Creating an alias/shortcut for more information >>

    Sharing cart

    The sharing cart allows a resource or activity to be shared amongst your units. Simply add the 'Sharing cart' block to all the units that need resources sharing with.  Click the 'Copy to Sharing Cart' in the 'Edit' drop-down menu next to resource.  The resource will appear in the 'Sharing Cart' block which then be used on other units by clicking 'Copy to Course'.

    See docs.moodle.org - Sharing cart for more information (See the section on Operation) >>

    URL (weblink)

    URL stands for 'Universal Resource Locator' and this is a link on the internet to a website or resource (such as a PDF).  When you wish to share a web link with your students, for either information purposes or for research, you can use the URL resource type to share the links on SOL.

    See docs.moodle.org - URL for more information >>