• Audience Response

    Audience Response

    Also known as Personal/Audience Response Systems or Electronic Voting Systems) a!  They can provide instant results and detailed reports if required.

    With the ever evolving change in technology the move is towards getting students to use their own web enabled devices (smart phones, tablets, laptops) to respond to questions.  LT also have a number of sets of  small handheld devices that can be borrowed, however these are nearing end of life. 

    Personal Response Systems have demonstrated a number of benefits for learning. These include:

    • encouraging meaningful student engagement;
    • the provision of immediate, anonymous feedback from students;
    • assessing prior conceptual knowledge;
    • encouraging peer/collaborative learning and prompt discussion.

    Why would I use them?

    Initially you may like to use them anonymously just gain instant feedback on a particular topic you've just covered. Research suggests that students enjoy the interaction, keeping them focused and because it is a 'whole class' experience, they can feel camaraderie with others that may get the question wrong.  

    Different Solutions 

    The following sections will look at the different options that are available to you. In each case you can request the support of LT to help get you started with these.