• Lecture capture

    Lecture capture allows staff to capture what they are doing in the classroom to make it available for students to access online. It can be as simple as recording your voice over a Powerpoint. Students are then able to review captured materials at their leisure as many times as they like via their SOL pages. This gives students an additional resource for revision and enables them to revisit concepts that they may not have grasped in the classroom. 

    The system used is Panopto and is fully automated. It takes care of the uploading of the video and making it available to your students. There is also no need to the edit the video, allowing you more time to concentrate on presenting. 

    As a lecturer you are able to see how the students are using the recordings through the video analytics.  With this information you can find out if there are area where the students may be struggling with a concept and address this in subsequent sessions.

    This tool is available to all staff and support is provided by the Learning Technology Advisors (LTAs) - ML205 x.5100 ltu@solent.ac.uk.


    • Easy to use recorder
    • Automatic upload to unit pages
    • Easy to manage by academics
    • Student revision notes and bookmarks
    • Clear user/usage statistics
    • Can be installed on any device (even personal computers)
    • Student can view content on their mobile devices
    Other uses
    • Record student assessments
    • Marking students’ work
    • Creating podcasts/vodcasts
    • Creating video assessment briefs