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Learning and Teaching File Engaging Students in Solent's Learning Design Framework

This resource presents a practical guide and advice on how you can support students in engaging with our Learning Design Framework

File Inclusive Curriculum Framework

Solent University’s Inclusive Curriculum Framework reflects our belief that diversity is an inherent educational strength. This document provides prompts to think about the multiple factors at teaching session, module, programme and institutional level that contribute to student success. 

Systems Development Page Services and Systems
PEP Resources File Wood, P. and Cajkler, W., (2017). Lesson study: A collaborative approach to scholarship for teaching and learning in higher education. Journal of Higher Education, pp. 313-326
File Carroll, C., and O’Loughlin, D., (2014) Peer observation of teaching: enhancing academic engagement for new participants, Innovations in Education and Teaching International, 51:4, 446-456
File Hendry, G.D., and Oliver, G.R., (2012) Seeing is Believing: The Benefits of Peer Observation. Journal of University Teaching and Learning Practice, 9(1)
File Byrne, J., Brown, H., and Challen, D., (2010) Peer development as an alternative to peer observation: a tool to enhance professional development. International Journal for Academic Development
File Gosling, D., and O'Connor, K.M., (2009) Beyond the Peer Observation of Teaching, SEDA, Paper 124, August 2009
File Shortland, S., (2004) Peer observation: a tool for staff development or compliance? ?, Journal of Further and Higher Education, 28:2, 219-228
Supporting you in your Role File Course leaders academic calendar
File Academic calendar
File Empty academic calendar
SLTI Publications File Dialogue Journal 2016-17
File Dialogue Journal 2017-18
L&T Publications from across Solent File Negotiating change via third space working

In this chapter draft, Julie Hall reflects on the role of third space professionals in higher education, in how actively blurring boundaries across teams can disrupt dominant discourses and transform learning and teaching cultures. 

Resources Book 76 Active learning strategies

Collated by Matt Johnson (2021), Academic Lead for learning and teaching, Solent Learning and Teaching Institute

File Tips for staff from students
File Quercus golden rules
File Optimising student engagement
File Student tips on attendance and engagement
File Quality and standards conditions
File Sector-recognised standards
File How to give effective peer feedback
File How to learn from your feedback - a guide for students
SLTI Concept Notes File SLTI: Authentic Assessment
File SLTI: Coherent Course Design
File SLTI: Creating Inclusive Courses
URL Coming soon! Inclusive Course Design Case Studies
File SLTI: Work-Integrated and Enterprising Learning
Course Leader Programme File Course Leader Self-Evaluation Tool
URL How to be a leader - the 7 great leadership traits


URL Solent values and behaviours
URL Solent leadership behaviour
File How we teach - Learning Design Framework (LDF)
File Course Leaders - expectations and behaviours
File Course Leader Job Profile
File 01 Being a course leader (ppt slides)
File SLTI Coherent Course Design
File SLTI Authentic Assessment
URL Solent's Learning Design Framework
URL Designing programmes for learning: foundations and aspirations
Page Questions to consider ahead of the workshop
File 02 Enhancing the curriculum - effective course design (ppt slides)
URL How do Belbin roles work in teams? (on YouTube)
URL Creating Cultures of Enhancement
File 03 Leading courses, leading teams
URL TEDx: Resolving Conflict at Work (on YouTube)
File 10 tips for leading a course team without management responsibility
File 04 Managing conflict (ppt slides)
URL 7 Questions To Help Managers Coach
URL TEDx: How to tame your Advice Monster (on YouTube)
File 05 Coaching and Mentoring (ppt slides)
File Inclusivity Self-Evaluation Tool
URL Solent's Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Plan (2021-25)
File 06 Inclusivity, Widening Participation and Awarding Gaps (ppt slides)
URL Tableau dashboard
File SLTI Theory of Change
File 07 Know your data (ppt slides)
File SLTI Theory of Change template (edible)
URL UUK StepChange
File UUK StepChange Self-assessment Tool for Mentally Healthy Universities
File UK DoE Survey of HE Providers on Student Mental Health
URL Student Resilience
URL TEDx Talk on Resilience
File 08 Promoting student well-being and resilience (ppt slides)
URL Intro to the Graduate Outcomes Survey
URL About the Graduate Outcome Survey
URL Graduate Outcomes Survey (from HESA)
File 09 Graduate outcomes (ppt slides)
W1: Role & Responsibilities File How we teach - Learning Design Framework (LDF)
File Level Leader - expectations and behaviours
URL Solent's Access and Participation Plan (APP)
File 01 Role and responsibilities of the LL (ppt slides)
URL Give feedback for this workshop! (2 minutes)
W2: Challenges & Opportunitites File 02 Challenges and opportunities (ppt slides)
URL Give feedback for this workshop (2 minutes).
W3: Belonging, Community & Mattering File 03 Belonging, community and mattering (ppt slides)
W4: Knowing Your Students, Working with Data URL Tableau Dashboard
File 04 Knowing your students; working with data
W5: Supporting Students at Risk URL Student Hub
URL Student Achievement Team
File 05 Supporting students at risk (ppt slides)
File 05 Case study Paolo
W6: Planning For And Actioning Change File SLTI theory of change
File 06 Planning for and actioning change (ppt slides)
W7: Supporting Student Transitions URL Student Minds: Starting university
URL Supporting student transitions in higher education
File 07 Supporting student transitions (ppt slides)
W8 Effective Student Representation File 08 Effective student representation (ppt slides)
Solent Learning, Teaching and Research Conference 2023 URL Submission form