Tab Name Description
File Making groupwork work

This booklet is designed for students in higher education. It guides you through procedures and activities you can complete to establish the group, keep on track and deal with problems which arise. 

Establish the Group File Example group contract
You can use this example as a model for your group contract.
Meetings and Procedures File Project management templates

You can use these project management templates from Project Agency to record the progress of your project. 

File Making groupwork work

Mid-way through your project use the checklist on page 26 of this booklet to check your group's progress and discuss any ongoing issues. 

File Sample agenda

This sample agenda from LearnHigher illustrates the way you might plan and structure a project meeting. 

File Sample minutes

These sample minutes from LearnHigher illustrate the type of information you might want to record from meeting discussions.

Resolving Problems File Making Groupwork Work
Page 30 outlines the 6 thinking hats strategy and the balance sheet strategy.