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Numeracy Skills Page Numeracy Tutorial

Follow this numeracy video tutorial with Dee Greig-Dunn, Lecturer in Mathematics and Meteorology to brush up your foundation skills in maths. The tutorial covers addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, rounding and ratios. 

File Facts and Formulae

This at-a-glance leaflet lists facts and formulate to help you refresh your skills. 

Maths for Studying/ Employment File Tables
File averages
File Ratios
File speed and distance
File timetables and timings
File Percentages, fractions and decimals
File What is X% of Y
File What percentage of Y is X
File X is Y% of what
File Percentage increase and decrease
File What is the change in percentage
File Bar charts
File Composite bar charts
File Double charts
File Histograms
File Line Graphs
File Pie charts
File currency and exchange
File Pricing and cost analysis
File profit
File Shares and dividends
File Turnover or revenue or sales
File yield or production
Advanced Maths Page Substitution by Integration Problem

Brush up on substitution by integration with Solent Lecturer, Dr Janet Bonar.

Page Using Autograph Maths Software

If you need to use Autograph Maths Software in your course, view these tutorials on how it works. 

Page Applications of Engineering Mathematics

This video shows a double integration method, useful for engineering. 

Page Patch UDL Plotting Deflection

by Rob Benham