Tab Name Description
1.2 Essays File Essay Extract

This extract from an essay on ocean plastics illustrates how to set up your introduction and how to construct an argument in a paragraph. Compare the extract to examples from your course for a clearer understanding how you are expected to bring together evidence to support a position.

File Formatting an essay

Look at your unit documents to see the format you are expected to submit your work in. If you do not have specific guidelines, follow the advice in this document. 

File infographic - essay (downloadable)
1.3 Reports Page Report Sections
This page outlines the sections above in more detail. 
File Report Extract

This extract illustrates the impersonal style of language typical in a report. Compare this extract to examples from your course for a clearer understanding of the type of language expected for your assignment.

File infographic - report (downloadable)
1.4 Literature Reviews File Literature Review Extract

This short extract of a literature review illustrates how you can introduce topics, organise your review under headings and bring together references in your writing. Compare this example to literature reviews from your course to identify what you are expected to produce.  

File infographic - literature review
1.5 Critical Reflections File Reflective Writing Extract

This extract illustrates some common features of critical reflections. The student describes an action they took, explains why they acted as they did and starts to evaluate the success of their actions. 

File infographic - critical reflection (downloadable)