Setting up your page

Importing content

When setting up a new page on Solent Online Learning you may wish to import content from another page or unit rather than starting from scratch.

1. Make sure you are enrolled on both  pages - the one you are importing from and the one you are importing to.

2. To import content you need to start from the page you are importing to.

3. In the 'Administration' box click 'Import'.

4. Type in the unit code for course and click 'Search'

5. Select the relevant page from the list, and click 'Continue'

Pay attention to the start date so that you import the correct version over. In this example below, the Sept 2013 version will be imported.

Select a course

6. On the 'Backup Settings' page everything should be selected by default, so click 'Next'.

7. Select the items to be imported from the list (use the 'All/None' options at the top to expedite this) and click 'Next'.

Assignments, forums and the external examiner folder cannot be imported and will be unavailable for selection.

8. Review your selection then click 'Perform Import'.

9. The import is now complete so click 'Continue' to go back to your unit.

If any reading lists have been imported contact the library on with details so they can make any required changes.

For additional support contact