Solent Online Learning - New features for 2016

myCourse to SOL, so what's new?

As you will have noticed myCourse has been updated and refreshed and is now Solent Online Learning, however it is still Moodle under the bonnet so many of the features are in the same place and no content has been removed.

Key Points:
  • There is a new web address Please watch the video below about the new features and layout. 
  • You can now add yourself to your 2016 units using the new self-service option. All units are set up from Quercus data.
  • Please show your students this video by student union president Megan Maddex who explains the system for students.
  • There is a new template in a tabbed format to encourage consistency so please don't remove the first five tabs, but do populate these tabs with the suggested content. The improved format was informed by staff focus groups and student feedback and ratified by the student experience sub-committee. Previous years' units have been modified so content can be directly imported into the new template.

  • Turnitin has been reworked and is now embedded in the standard "assignment" activity and will act on all submissions that are compatible up to 40Mb including text, PDF, Word and PowerPoint. More details can be found in the assessment help page.
  • Please consider accessibility and inclusivity when uploading images and content. 

If you have any enquiries please contact

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