Text Editor


This short online book gives you instructions and advice on how to get started with the Text Editor and use all of its basic functions.  It then goes on to show you how to enhance your page with features such as adding video or images. Importantly, it explains how to clean up the formatting of your on-screen text pages - because if you copy text directly across from MS Word (for example), it can bring a lot of formatting with it that could mess up your online page.

The Text Editor (sometimes referred to as the 'HTML editor' or 'WYSIWYG editor' - that's What You See Is What You Get) is one of the simplest and most powerful tools available to you in SOL. It's definitely something worth getting used to quickly and to start using effectively. It provides you with your primary way to communicate with your students - through text on screen. This means that using the Text Editor, you can give your students instruction, context, explanation and rationale for the activities you want them to carry out.

The Text Editor allows you to enter and format content, including text and images, as well as allowing you to link to anywhere online, and embed audio and video from both Solent's library and the internet. It also gives you a simple tool for recording video via webcam. Best of all, if you use Word or any other word processor, most of the editor's features will already be familiar.

You will find the Text Editor in many different areas of SOL and wherever you find it, you will be able to create and share the content mentioned above.