Key Contacts & Participant list

Participants list

Use the participants list for an overview of your users, i.e. view a list of all the tutors or all the students.

How to view the participants list

1. Locate the 'Key Contacts' block in the left hand area, near the bottom. 

Key contacts

2. If you scroll to the bottom of this block and click 'All Participants' then you will be directed to the list of all of the users enrolled onto your unit. 

3. You can see that you can find the user using the first letter of their first name and/or surname. You can also use the 'Current role' dropdown menu to select only students. Using the 'My courses' dropdown, you can select any of the units (or courses) you are a participant of.

Participants list

Tutors (or other users with appropriate permissions) may select particular users and then perform any of the following actions:

  • Send message
  • Add a new note
  • Add a common note (for adding the same note to more than one user)

This is actioned by using the 'Choose...' dropdown menu.  Choose

However, if you wish to send a personal message to a student, its best to use your email system.  For important messages to all of your students, use the 'News & Alerts Forum' to contact your students.