• Articles and eResources

    Finding articles and other online resources

    Search these eResources (databases) to locate journal articles and other good quality sources of information. 

    • You will get the full text online for most results. If full text is not available, please click on Is it @ SSU where you see it as this will check the library catalogue for access via a different source.
    • Some resources in the list will provide access to other content such as standards, ebooks, market research and multimedia resources.  For TV recordings back to 2008, scroll down to BoB National.

    Performing Arts Database

    Performing arts database covering dance, drama, stagecraft, comedy, film, and television; access 60 full text journals (+ abstracts for others).

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    Digital Theatre Plus

    Provides access to feature-length theatre productions, interviews with actors, directors and creatives and exclusive behind-the-scenes content.  It includes unique full-length films of current leading productions of Shakespeare plays, modern dramas, musicals and adaptations of classic novels.  It also offers exclusive behind-the-scenes insights from theatre makers.  There are accompanying accessible study guides to develop understanding of plot, character, language, historical context and authors.

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    Drama Online

    Drama Online provides full text access to works by new writers and the most iconic names in playwriting history.  It also provides contextual and critical background through scholarly works and practical guides.  It offers unique Play Tools with Character Grids, Words and Speech graphs and Part Books for a new way to engage with plays for close study or for performance.

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    Literature Online

    Combines the full text of 355,000+ literary works (including poetry, prose and drama) with a vast library of key criticism and reference resources.  Also includes a growing library of full-text journals and author biographies.

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    Entertainment Industry Magazine Archive

    Archival research resource containing essential primary sources for studying the history of the film and entertainment industries.

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    JSTOR Arts & Sciences III

    Full text access to over 151 journals covering language, literature, music, film, performing arts and more.  Please be aware that, although coverage is generally from volume 1, the most recent issues (1-5 years) are not usually available.

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    JSTOR Language & Literature Collection

    The Language & Literature collection gives full text access to over 75 journals in these areas. Please be aware that, although coverage is generally from volume 1, the most recent issues (1-5 years) are not usually available.

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    Arts and Humanities Citation Index (Web of Science)        

    Amultidisciplinary index covering the journal literature of the arts and humanities.

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    European Newsstream

    Full text newspapers, mainly from the UK and Europe, including UK broadsheets and tabloids.

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    BoB National

    BoB National is a radio and TV programme recording system operated by the BUFVC. The service gives access to all the major channels with a searchable archive of over 800,000 programmes, some back to 2008. You can record up to 10 items a day with selections possible up to a month after broadcast.

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    BoB National Subject Guide

    There are other databases available which might be of interest to you.  Have a look at the listings for performance to see other options.