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    Migrate from RefME to RefWorks!

    Please note that from the 7th March our institutional access to RefME will finish.  
    The company is being subsumed into Cite This for Me.  


    • From 7th March we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the Harvard SSU style in Cite this for Me
    • From July, there will be no access to Cite This for Me and any references contained in this product will be lost unless they are migrated beforehand.
    • The Library supports RefWorks users and we have existing guidance and help videos available.

    Please take the following two actions:

    1) Back up your references

    You need to export a back-up of all your references from RefME to ensure you have a copy in a format that can be used in a range of other referencing tools, including RefWorks:

    refme export         Watch our video!  Instructions below...

    1.  Login into your RefME account
    2.  Select a Project where there are references you want to keep
    3.  Click on the Export button
    4.  Choose the RefWorks option
    5.  A .ris file will download.  You will not be able to open this file as it is designed for importing into a referencing tool. 
    6.  In Chrome, use the arrow to select Show in Folder and then save the file to an appropriate location.  If you are using an alternative browser, follow the appropriate steps to save your file.
    7.  Repeat this process for any projects that you wish to back-up.

    You can also download your project bibliographies into Word:

    1. Login to your RefME account
    2. Select a Project where there are references you want to keep
    3. Click on the Export option
    4. Choose the Word option
    5. Your word document will download.
    6. Open and save this file to an appropriate location
    7. Repeat this process for any projects that you wish to back-up

    If you wish to back-up your in-text citations and annotations for any projects, repeat the process above but use the Export and Cut and Paste options and then copy the references, in-text citations and annotations into a file and save.

    2) Migrate your references

    Migrate your references into our alternative referencing tool, RefWorks which is very comprehensive and also contains our Harvard SSU institutional style (as well as APA and OSCOLA and many more).

    Full help and advice on using RefWorks, including video guides, is available via our RefWorks Subject Guide.  

    See the RefME RIS files tab for information on how to import your RefME references into RefWorks.

    refworks import    Watch our video!

    It has many similar features to RefME including a webclipper (called Save to RefWorks) and a Word app.  It does not have a mobile app, barcode scanner or photo quotes software.

    Your information librarian can advise on the use of RefWorks or you can come along to one of our referencing drop-in sessions.

    We are very happy to support you in the migration of your references from RefME to RefWorks.


    There are many other free referencing tools that you can use such as Mendeley, Zotero and more.  Please be aware that only RefWorks features our approved institutional style, Harvard SSU.  If you use an alternative system you will need to EDIT YOUR REFERENCES to match our referencing factsheet before submitting your assignment.

    **WARNING: from July, any references in Cite This For Me which have not been migrated will be lost**