• WWI and Business

    Many businesses running today were incorporated during the war or earlier. 

    Use the FAME, Key Note or Osiris databases to find companies incorporated during the war. These include: Shell (1915) Reuters (1916) Express Newspapers (1915)

    Choose the option to enter Incorporation Date. Using the dates for the war, enter 04081914 and 11 11 1918. This should result in a list of companies that were incorporated between these dates. Several are well known names and are still going today. See what you can find!


    The Library catalogue will help you to find the books you need, including financial crises and company histories. Financial crises are well documented (332.015). Individual company histories can be found in the International Directory of Company Histories (at 658.016INT) or in the economics section at 338.

    Ranald Michie's The London Stock Exchange, a history (at 332.61MIC) and similar titles will describe the actions of the Stock Exchange in 1914 when it had to close at the end of July and didn't reopen until the following New Year. 

    Websites:Useful and reliable sites include: